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Ukraine War Intel Summary - Day 156

Russia's Massive New 'Doomsday' Sub

DOJ: 330 Million Americans with Contempt for Congress Still At Large

Russia - Oil, Sanctions, and Putin's War Machine

US Finally Catching Up with Hypersonic Missiles?

Understanding New 21st Century Warfare

Ukraine War Intel Summary - Day 148

Gen. Mattis finally allowed to move out of barracks

Ukraine War - Intel Summary - Week 19

Japan's Shinzo Abe - Assassination

Ukraine War Intel Update

Update on 'Mostly Peaceful' Leftist Protests

BREAKING - China Launches Third Aircraft Carrier - Its Most Powerful Yet

INTEL REPORT - China Ready to Launch 1st Supercarrier

Monkeypox Disease - What is It? Why is it Spreading?

Russia's Ukraine War - Week 14

Another Russian General Bites the Dust in Ukraine

US and UK Sending Rockets to Ukraine - Germany Still Hasn't Delivered Anything

Duffel Blog obtains top secret Russian military files

Ukraine Weekly Intelligence Summary

My Best of the Week

Ukraine Intel Summary - Week 13

My Best of the Week

Ukraine War Weekly Intel Summary

My Best of the Week - Police and Crime

Moscow: If Ukraine kills 1 more Russian general, next will be free

Special Report - Ukraine War's Other Hot Spots

Ukraine War - Today and Weekend Review

Ukrainian farmer makes off with entire Russian Victory Day Parade in Moscow

My Best of the Week - May 9

Shocking - Ukrainian Battlefield Video

Weekly Ukraine War Intelligence Update

My Best of the Week

Intel Report: Week 8 of Russia's War In Ukraine

Paul's Weekend Update

Days 44-45 of Russia's War on Ukraine

Weekend Strategic Highlights

Is Putin's Goal to Seize Ukraine's Energy Riches?

Ukrainian Attack Helicopters Strike Targets in Russia

Day 34-35 of Putin's Deadly Invasion

Day 33 - Fear of Russian Partition of Ukraine Grows

Putin says Russia has 'turned a corner' in Ukraine

Day 31 and 32 - (Saturday-Sunday) Russian Invasion

Day 30 of Putin War - Russia Shifts Objectives?

THURSDAY PDB – Russian Military Ignore Calls from Milley and Austin, What If Russia Uses its Most Powerful Weapons? China’s New Presence on Solomon Islands

Day 29 -Russian Invasion Stalled, Putin Loses a Warship

Russia Admits Using Thermobaric Weapons in Ukraine

Day 28 of Russian Invasion - Beginning of Stalemate?

How is Ukraine's Air Force Still Battling Russia?

Day 27 Of Putin's War - False Flags for Chemical Attacks?

China's Deadly Boeing 737-800 Airliner Crash

Russia's Dubious Kinzahl Hypersonic Missile Strike

Day 26 - Ukraine Invasion

Day 25 - Bloody Stalemate in Putin's War

WHY 5 Dead Russian Generals - and NO Dead Ukrainian Generals - Matters

Russia's Hypersonic Missile Attack Likely Launched from Mach 3 Jet

ISW Asseses Russia Has Failed in Its Initial Ukraine Campaign

5th Russian General Killed in Ukraine is Big Deal

Day 24 - Putin Fires Hypersonic Missile at Ukraine

Why is Zelensky Appearing to Make Concessions?

Is the Russian Army Stalled or Simply Regrouping?

Day 23 Sitrep - Russian War on Ukraine

Sitrep - Day 22 of Russia's Bloody Invasion of Ukraine

Pushing for a NATO-Ukrainian ‘No-Fly Zone’? – Know What You are Asking For

Putin's War on Ukraine - Day 21

Biden's Red Line?

Russian troops "shot and killed 10 people standing in line for bread," reports US Embassy

Poll: Most Democrats Would Flee Rather Than Fight if US Was Invaded – Some Republicans Would Join Them

Putin’s War - Ukraine Sitrep Day 20

Day 19 - Russia's Invasion Stalled But Getting More Brutal

Day 16 - Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Can You Survive a Nuclear Bomb?

Russia's Ukraine War - Day 15

Putin's War on Ukraine - Day 14

Russia Moves in Heaviest Artillery to Shell Ukrainian Cities

Excellent Video Analysis of Russian Failures in Ukraine

Monday PDB- Paul's Daily Brief

Better Late than Never - Western Weapons Flow into Ukraine

Putin's Reckless Assault on Europe's Largest Nuke Reactor

Russia-Ukraine War: Day 12

Russia-Ukraine War Update: Day 11

Russia-Ukraine War: Day 10

Is Putin Using Brutal Thermobaric Rocket Launchers in Ukraine?

Russian Tactical Nukes NATO Doesn't Have

MONDAY PDB -Paul's Daily Brief

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