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Did Russia Really Blow Up the Nord Stream Undersea Gas Pipelines?

Update and Apologies

Ukraine Air Defense Missile, Not Russian, Hit Poland

Ukraine War Intel Update

France Ends Anti-jihadist Operation in Sahel

Elon Musk offers $44 billion to buy Space Force

DHS Announces They Will Suppress As Much Speech As It Takes To Preserve Democracy

Monday Morning Military Laugh

Putin's Nukes - My Top Stories for the Week

Ukraine War Intel Summary Day 201-203

Western Military Tech to Fight Russia, Some in Russian Weapons

Queen Elizabeth II - Committed Christian, Dies at 96 - End of an Era

Hillary Lies About Her Classified Emails, Ukraine Nuke Plant's 'Catastrophic' Risk, China's Economic Crisis

After Using FBI To Suppress Hunter's Crimes And Raid Political Rival’s Home, Biden Warns US Democracy In Danger

Trump blasts FBI ‘overreach’ after agents seize nuclear ballistic missile at Mar-a-Lago

I'm Baaack! First intel report since mid-August - Artemis Moon Mission Delayed Again

Update on My Health and Newsletter

Apologies for the Break

Ukraine War Intel Summary - Day 156

Russia's Massive New 'Doomsday' Sub

DOJ: 330 Million Americans with Contempt for Congress Still At Large

Russia - Oil, Sanctions, and Putin's War Machine

US Finally Catching Up with Hypersonic Missiles?

Understanding New 21st Century Warfare

Ukraine War Intel Summary - Day 148

Gen. Mattis finally allowed to move out of barracks

Ukraine War - Intel Summary - Week 19

Japan's Shinzo Abe - Assassination

Ukraine War Intel Update

Update on 'Mostly Peaceful' Leftist Protests

BREAKING - China Launches Third Aircraft Carrier - Its Most Powerful Yet

INTEL REPORT - China Ready to Launch 1st Supercarrier

Monkeypox Disease - What is It? Why is it Spreading?

Russia's Ukraine War - Week 14

Another Russian General Bites the Dust in Ukraine

US and UK Sending Rockets to Ukraine - Germany Still Hasn't Delivered Anything

Duffel Blog obtains top secret Russian military files

Ukraine Weekly Intelligence Summary

My Best of the Week

Ukraine Intel Summary - Week 13

My Best of the Week

Ukraine War Weekly Intel Summary

My Best of the Week - Police and Crime

Moscow: If Ukraine kills 1 more Russian general, next will be free

Special Report - Ukraine War's Other Hot Spots

Ukraine War - Today and Weekend Review

Ukrainian farmer makes off with entire Russian Victory Day Parade in Moscow

My Best of the Week - May 9

Shocking - Ukrainian Battlefield Video

Weekly Ukraine War Intelligence Update

My Best of the Week

Intel Report: Week 8 of Russia's War In Ukraine

Paul's Weekend Update

Days 44-45 of Russia's War on Ukraine

Weekend Strategic Highlights

Is Putin's Goal to Seize Ukraine's Energy Riches?

Ukrainian Attack Helicopters Strike Targets in Russia

Day 34-35 of Putin's Deadly Invasion

Day 33 - Fear of Russian Partition of Ukraine Grows

Putin says Russia has 'turned a corner' in Ukraine

Day 31 and 32 - (Saturday-Sunday) Russian Invasion

Day 30 of Putin War - Russia Shifts Objectives?

THURSDAY PDB – Russian Military Ignore Calls from Milley and Austin, What If Russia Uses its Most Powerful Weapons? China’s New Presence on Solomon Islands

Day 29 -Russian Invasion Stalled, Putin Loses a Warship

Russia Admits Using Thermobaric Weapons in Ukraine

Day 28 of Russian Invasion - Beginning of Stalemate?

How is Ukraine's Air Force Still Battling Russia?

Day 27 Of Putin's War - False Flags for Chemical Attacks?

China's Deadly Boeing 737-800 Airliner Crash

Russia's Dubious Kinzahl Hypersonic Missile Strike

Day 26 - Ukraine Invasion

Day 25 - Bloody Stalemate in Putin's War

WHY 5 Dead Russian Generals - and NO Dead Ukrainian Generals - Matters

Russia's Hypersonic Missile Attack Likely Launched from Mach 3 Jet

ISW Asseses Russia Has Failed in Its Initial Ukraine Campaign

5th Russian General Killed in Ukraine is Big Deal

Day 24 - Putin Fires Hypersonic Missile at Ukraine

Why is Zelensky Appearing to Make Concessions?

Is the Russian Army Stalled or Simply Regrouping?

Day 23 Sitrep - Russian War on Ukraine

Sitrep - Day 22 of Russia's Bloody Invasion of Ukraine

Pushing for a NATO-Ukrainian ‘No-Fly Zone’? – Know What You are Asking For

Putin's War on Ukraine - Day 21

Biden's Red Line?

Russian troops "shot and killed 10 people standing in line for bread," reports US Embassy

Poll: Most Democrats Would Flee Rather Than Fight if US Was Invaded – Some Republicans Would Join Them

Putin’s War - Ukraine Sitrep Day 20

Day 19 - Russia's Invasion Stalled But Getting More Brutal

Day 16 - Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Can You Survive a Nuclear Bomb?

Russia's Ukraine War - Day 15

Putin's War on Ukraine - Day 14

Russia Moves in Heaviest Artillery to Shell Ukrainian Cities

Excellent Video Analysis of Russian Failures in Ukraine

Monday PDB- Paul's Daily Brief

Better Late than Never - Western Weapons Flow into Ukraine

Putin's Reckless Assault on Europe's Largest Nuke Reactor

Russia-Ukraine War: Day 12

Russia-Ukraine War Update: Day 11

Russia-Ukraine War: Day 10

Is Putin Using Brutal Thermobaric Rocket Launchers in Ukraine?

Russian Tactical Nukes NATO Doesn't Have

MONDAY PDB -Paul's Daily Brief

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