Ukraine says no concessions. Russian losses equal number killed in 10 Years in Afghanistan. Ukraine's Western Arms Bazaar. And How Sick is Putin?
"Who is Pulling the Strings?" Biden DHS Spins Leftist Threats to Supreme Court. And Great Replacement - Fringe Theory or Democrat Strategy?
Ukrainian counterattacks may pressure Russian supply lines. 6 Million Ukrainian refugees have fled war. Russia sanctioned more than Iran.
Surge in Black-on-Black Murder During 2020, Year of BLM Riots. Root Causes of 'Gun Violence' Are NOT Guns.
Better than a free foot long!
Can war spread to the Balkans? What about Finland and Sweden? New Lend-Lease Act also pushes US deeper into the conflict.
WEEK 10 - Putin's Subdued Victory Day Event hides plans to begin annexing east and south Ukraine
Well, at least the tanks are moving
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